Ballroom Dancers
Ballroom dancing Morecambe

Our Group Lessons in Kendal
from Beginner to Improver

We have a teacher and a teaching assistant attending most classes. These are partner dances so ideally partners are required but if solo, please enquire as we can often help with this.

Each month at Kendal and Morecambe we teach two dances during each beginners session followed by supervised practice.


Please note each dance for beginners is an 8 week course as listed below.


The classes at Morecambe & Kendal are synchronised so if you cannot attend at your usual venue, you are welcome at our other venue.

New starters are welcome to join during the first week each month when we start two new dances.

If you miss the first week of a new beginners course, have a catch up lesson at half price to re-join.

Ballroom dancers

Every FRIDAY at: St Georges Church Upper Hall, Castle St. Kendal, LA9 7AD

Beginners 1 Ballroom/Latin          7.45 pm

New starters accepted on the 1st Friday of each month when we start two new dances.


Beginners Level 1  (Absolute beginners)


​Sep       Social Waltz        Easy Cha Cha Cha

Oct        Social Foxtrot      Easy Jive

Nov       Basic Quickstep  Easy Rumba

Dec       Basic Tango        Easy Samba

Jan        Social Waltz       Easy Cha Cha Cha

Feb       Social Foxtrot      Easy Jive

Mar       Basic Quickstep   Easy Rumba



Beginners 2 Ballroom/Latin          8.45 pm


(thus continuing with the dances you have started PLUS two new dances).

Beginners Level 2  (Further beginners tuition towards Improvers)

Sep       Tango             Samba

Oct        Waltz              Cha Cha Cha

Nov       Slow Foxtrot   Jive

Dec       Quickstep        Rumba

Jan        Tango              Samba

Feb        Waltz              Cha Cha Cha

Mar        Slow Foxtrot    Jive      



Beginners often ask what to wear - wear casual comfortable clothes. Shoes, if not ballroom or latin, should not have rubber or plastic soles, leather is better. Ladies heels should not be more than 2.5 inches high.


Please bring your own refreshments.


Telephone or email if you have any questions, your enquiry is very welcome.

Classes in more detail


Two dances each month. This class is for absolute  beginners teaching basic ballroom Latin dances in an easy and social style with basic technique. New entrants may join on the first Tuesday of the month.


Two dances each month. This class is for beginners who have knowledge of the basic steps in the Ballroom and Latin dances with basic technique. The class will be of Bronze Medal and Beginner Competition Standard.