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Ballroom Dancers
Latin Dancers

Dance is for everyone no matter what age or part of the world you come from. It is a most sociable way to get fit while enjoying yourself.


Our emphasis is on looking good on the dance floor.


Make friends while learning coordination skills keeping the brain and the body agile in the best physical art form.


We encourage absolute beginners the ones with 2 left feet, who are often surprised at how quickly they can progress with the right approach.

We start beginners with the most popular social style of ballroom dances. When confident in these, we introduce standard ballroom as danced competitively throughout the world.


Our Latin classes follow on from the ballroom session at the same level to enable both styles to be danced.


Our intermediate ballroom class caters for those who are experienced and wish to learn more advanced figures and combinations, and improve technique to a high standard.


A must see video

Learn to dance via this link.

Ballroom and Latin Dance

Learn to Dance

Ballroom and Latin dancing are both incredibly exciting and expressive forms of dance. The enjoyment of ballroom and Latin dance is something that many people, including those who attend our dance school specialising in Social dance and Dance Sport, can truly appreciate. These dances offer a wonderful combination of graceful movements, rhythm, and connection between partners.


If you have any questions or if there's anything specific you'd like to know or discuss about ballroom and Latin dancing, whether it's dance techniques, music selection, specific questions or topics, please feel free to ask and we’ll be happy to provide information or insights.


We hold classes in ballroom, Latin American and sequence dance for adult beginners in Morecambe and Kendal areas providing enjoyable and fun evenings of dance tuition. Absolute beginners are very welcome. We also hold classes at all levels of dancer.


With modern IDTA teaching methods, patient tuition and innovative choreography, you will soon feel at home and hopefully find an activity with a good social aspect as a bonus to getting fit and have fun.


Having learnt to dance it is essential to have practice floor time which multiplies the speed of learning considerably. See here, 'Social Events'. Also see 'Links'.

Please see our page about the health benefits of dancing here.

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by email or phone in Morecambe / Lancaster, Kendal & South Lakes.

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