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Ballroom Dancers

Dance is for everyone no matter what age or part of the world you come from. It is a most sociable way to get fit while enjoying yourself.


Our emphasis is on looking good on the dance floor.


Make friends while learning coordination skills keeping the brain and the body agile in the best physical art form.


We encourage absolute beginners the ones with 2 left feet, who are often surprised at how quickly they can progress with the right approach.

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There are five Standard ballroom dances. Waltz, Quickstep, Slow Foxtrot, Tango and Viennese Waltz. The most popular are the Waltz, Quickstep and Slow Foxtrot. Each dance has its own character and requires different technique to perform well. Remember that every world champion was a beginner at one time and they are usually in their twenties, so it is not long to the top!
We hope that you join our groups and enjoy one of the most sociable sports there are to get both mentally and physically fit. It's never too late to start dancing.
The video is a promotional video of the Supadance League announcing that Ballroom Dancing is for everyone from 3 to 103!


Ballroom dancing Morecambe

We start beginners with the most popular social style of ballroom dances. When confident in these, we introduce standard ballroom as danced competitively throughout the world.


Our Latin classes follow on from the ballroom session at the same level to enable both styles to be danced.


Our intermediate ballroom class caters for those who are experienced and wish to learn more advanced figures and combinations, and improve technique to a high standard.



This is a hugely popular and romantic ballroom dance. Both graceful and elegant.

The world-renown Waltz captures romance and marks special occasions for dancers everywhere. Originally an 18th century Austrian folk-dance, the Waltz is one of the five dances featured in International Ballroom Competitions. The dance is called the ‘slow’ or ‘English’ Waltz in countries where the Viennese Waltz is known as the Waltz.


Known as a faster, more energetic Foxtrot.

The first dancers to take the Foxtrot to a faster tempo introduced the Quickstep. There are echoes of Charleston in the Quickstep, with nimble hops and kicks making it lively and energetic on the dance floor. The Quickstep is one of the five International Ballroom Competition dances.

Slow Foxtrot

A slow-paced, graceful ballroom dance.

The Foxtrot is a slow and graceful dance, rooted in the Tin Pan Ally of the 1920s. Elegant and beautiful movements make the Foxtrot a challenging dance for ballroom dancers to master. The Foxtrot features in the five International Ballroom Competition dances.

Viennese Waltz

The classic Austrian ballroom Waltz.

The Viennese Waltz harks back to days when the Viennese aristocracy danced to the music of Strauss and other classical composers. Today the Viennese Waltz is still danced socially, but the ‘slow’ or ‘English’ Waltz is more standard. Elegant and classic, the Viennese Waltz is one of the five International Ballroom Competition dances.


A serious, powerful and expressive dance.

A very passionate and thrilling dance to both watch and perform, full of excitement. The Ballroom Tango is one of the five International Ballroom Competition Dances.

Learn to dance via this link.


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