This page is devoted to Ukrainian Dancers


Most, I am sure will know how big ballroom and Latin dance is in Ukraine where typically they hold over 20 major competition events plus others every month supported by hundreds of entries in each competition. Although a much larger country, Ukraine has half the population of the U.K. There are many professional and amateur dancers in Ukraine who rely totally on the sport for their income.

Ballroom and Latin Dance members have contributed £83 during the first week so thank you and very well done. So very appreciated.

Dear All,


Our Ukrainian friends are at war. They are sleeping in bomb shelters. They wake up with sirens and bomb attacks.


They are all scared and not safe… They are not on the Internet right now to see our sympathy posts, because all they can think about is how to survive and escape.

Please support us so we can help the Dancers who are in need.




Please contribute by donating via the World Dance Competitors Commission GoFundMe page so we can help Ukrainian Dancers who are in need of our support and help during this difficult time.


With love and prayers from all the Management Committee of the World Dance Competitors Commission.